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An EPC certificate is required to apply for an ECO4 grant. This means that without an EPC, you will not be able to access the funding to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Get an EPC: Energy Performance Certificate

n the context of energy efficiency, EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. An EPC is a document that provides an energy efficiency rating for a building, typically a home or commercial property.


The rating is based on a scale of A to G, with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least energy-efficient. EPCs are used to assess the energy performance of buildings and to identify potential energy saving measures.

They can also be used for the Eco4 grant

An EPC serves as the official documentation of a property’s energy efficiency rating, enabling grant providers to determine whether a particular home qualifies for the ECO4 scheme.

An EPC provides a detailed breakdown of a property’s energy usage and identifies areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made. This information is crucial for homeowners, residents and installers to prioritize the most effective energy-saving measures, ensuring that the ECO4 grant funds are utilized efficiently.

Get an EPC

The EPC also estimates the potential energy savings that can be achieved by implementing the recommended energy-saving measures. This information helps homeowners and residents to make informed decisions about the value of the ECO4 grant and the potential long-term benefits of improving their home's energy efficiency.

In summary, EPCs are essential for the ECO4 grant because they:

➥ Determine eligibility for the Eco4 grant.

➥ Identify energy-saving opportunities.

➥ Quantify potential energy savings.

➥ Fulfill grant application requirements.

➥ Demonstrate improvement in energy efficiency.

➥ The cost of issuing an EPC certificate and site survey as a separate service starts from £60.

➥ Michael Tsegkos is a passionate and experienced Trustmark Certified Retrofit Assessor, based in Wales, UK.