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Empowering homeowners to make energy-efficient choices with comprehensive retrofit assessments for the Eco4 grant.

Retrofit assessment

As energy retrofit assessors we play a critical role in the Eco4 grant application process, conducting thorough assessments of homeowners properties to identify energy saving measures.


Our work includes a comprehensive retrofit assessment of the property’s energy profile and the provision of personalized recommendations to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Here is a detailed breakdown of the tasks we perform at Apply Eco Grant for the Eco4 grant:


Gathering information about the property: We start by gathering detailed information about the property, including its construction type, age, size, occupancy, current heating system. This information provides a basic understanding of the property’s energy consumption patterns and potential areas for improvement.

Visual inspection: We conduct a thorough visual inspection to assess the physical condition of the property and identify visible signs of energy inefficiency. This includes checking for adequate insulation, drafty windows and doors, ineffective heating controls and any signs of structural problems that could be contributing to energy loss.

Detailed measurements and assessments: Using specialized equipment, we carry out precise measurements of key energy elements, such as the thickness and type of insulation, the efficiency of the heating system and the airtightness of the building envelope.

These measurements provide quantitative data for the evaluation of the property’s energy efficiency.

Calculation of energy performance degree: Based on the collected information and measurements, we calculate the energy performance report of the property. This score provides a standardized assessment of the property’s energy performance, with lower scores indicating greater potential for improvement.

Retrofit assessment


Identifying energy saving measures: Based on our expertise and collected data, we identify specific energy saving measures that are suitable for the property. These measures can include:

Insulation upgrades!

These measures include installing thermal insulation on the exterior or interior surfaces of the building. Insulation helps reduce heat loss in winter and maintain a cool environment in the summer.

Replacement or upgrade heating systems!

These measures include the replacement of old, inefficient heating systems with more modern and efficient systems. Replacing the heating system can lead to a significant reduction in heating costs.

Installation of renewable energy sources!

These measures include the installation of systems that utilize renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, wind energy or geothermal energy. The installation of renewable energy sources can lead to a reduction in energy costs and the saving of natural resources.

The Eco4 grant offers funding for the above energy saving measures, based on household income and the energy class of the property.

You can apply for the grant through our website today.